Cheryl Poldrugach, Founder & CEO


Panic Aide started when Cheryl Polrugach finally had enough. After years of suffering from panic attacks that crippled her from living life she was confronted with her kids having the same issue.

Her son started having horrible anxiety and they did the best they could to navigate, but when her daughter started having anxiety problems at school, that is when she had enough.

She knew she had to do something to give them natural relief when they needed it most. Something portable that can always be with you but didn’t leave you out of it.

After much prayer, research, and testing Panic Aide was born. Cheryl worked with doctors, chemists, formulators and after hundreds of versions the right mix of ingredients came together and worked.  Cheryl and her family do a weekly show called Coping Convos to help others fight their mental illness. They also volunteer for several mental health and suicide awareness charities as well as donating 10% of net proceeds to donate to charities working with mental health and suicide prevention.